Love, Joy, Peace...
July 14, 2024
Sulia Mason III

  Faithfully Evangelize with the Word
              I Corinthians 2:1-5


        I.            What Cannot Save – Vs. 1

E.   Eloquence / Authority

N.  Natural Human Wisdom in Various Forms

      II.            What Can Save – Vs. 2-5

T.      Testimony of Scripture – Vs. 2

R.     Reverence for Scripture – Vs. 3

U.    Unfiltered Scripture – Vs. 4 - 5

S.     Specific Use

T.      Trusting the God of Scripture


Yet What proves the truth of any spiritual doctrine, proves also in that act the existence of the Divine Author of it. The revelation always implies a revealer, and that which manifests it to be a revelation, manifests also the supreme Revealer of it.[1]

[1] Charnock, Stephen. The Existenc+e and Attributes of God, Vol 1 (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1979), 29.          
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